Arabian Star offers personalized full-care boarding for all horse enthusiasts who seek the serenity of the country and a safe, clean facility at which to board their horses. We provide the following services:

  • Stalls & Paddocks
        (cleaned & bedded daily)
  • Hay Fed 3x Daily
  • Grain/Supplements Fed (as needed)
  • Water Cleaned & Monitored Daily
  • Daily Indoor/Outdoor Turnout
  • Blanket & Fly Mask Service
  • Daily AM & PM Wellness Check
  • Vet & Farrier Appointments Scheduled
  • Secure Personal Tack Lockers

  • Experience a "little slice of heaven." Just come and enjoy your horse...
    We'll take care of the rest!


    "...I like the fact that the facility is extremely clean and that
    when we're away, I know my horses will be well taken care of..."
    Randee Power

    Vet Care

  • Vet Appointments Scheduled
  • UC Davis Large Animal Clinic
  • Our local vet
  • Vet of your preference
  • Routine Farrier Scheduled

  • Training/Lessons

    "...Arabian Star is a friendly
    and safe facility..."

  • English
  • Western
  • Dressage
  • Jumping
  • Lesson horses available
  • Indoor or Outdoor Lighted Arena
  • Evening and Weekend Ride Times
  • Shows throughout the year
  • Cross Country
  • "Let BOURBON take you HIGHer"
    Bourbon High
    "Tricia & Bourbon High"


    Tony & Miska
    Tony Craig with Miska Tre

    *Witez II Owner's Network
    Miska Tre
    Aladdinn's Goal X Tia Roja(Preservation Mare)

    Miska Tre is a IAHA Sweepstakes nominated sire and the resident stallion at the Arabian Star Equestrian Center, who was foaled on Fourth of July 1985 at Arabian Star. Miska is a *Witez II great grandson. Miska has two get at Arabian Star, Duma and Lippa Zena, both of which can be shown upon request.

    Miska is owned by Tony Craig, who first began working with Miska and both have enjoyed performing in western pleasure classes throughout the Region III and the California show circuit for the first few of Miska's schooling years.

    Miska is a hardworking, versatile horse with a noticeably soft and patient disposition. Miska has passed these traits to his get, making them quick learners, and amazingly pleasant horses to work with.

  • Artificial Insemination Only
  • Straws (frozen semen storage) available at UCD
  • Stallion Video Available
  • Member of *Witez II Owner's Network
  • IAHA Sweepstakes Sire
  • Tony & Miska

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    Arabian Star